Having a Tree Removed

“I understand the sentimental value that you have towards that tree in your yard but the danger it possess to you and your property is graver than you may ever imagine.” These words were repeated to Smith a couple of times. He did not see the looming danger before him. All he wanted was to have that tree remain in his backyard because he had planted it many years back and his children had grown running around it. It carried so many memories that Smith associated to the presence of the tree and cutting it would mean letting go of every memory.

Trees are beautiful; they go a long way in improving both the scenery and value of a home or an institution. It is also important to note that the very same trees can pose a danger to property and people. For a tree to be cut, it means that it has lost its value. People may want to cut trees that are in their yards for other reasons other than protection.  

Apart from protection trees are cut for the purpose of

  •    Increasing space – Some trees can take up unnecessary space in our yards living us with little or no choice but to have them cut.
  •    Controlling pests and diseases  – trees that may have been infested by parasites and if the pests are not detected on time, may damage the health of the tree and cause it become weak making it have a greater chance of the tree to fall.  

The cutting tree should be left to the professionals this is the only way to ensure that protections fully achieved. It is important to note that hiring the services of a professional tree service will make sure that, the tree is removed safely and that safety is guaranteed. There are some factors that professional tree service companies look at; in this case, the size of the tree does not matter.  Once they are called on sight, the first thing they look at is

  •    The direction in which the tree is leaning – This will mean that when cutting the tree, there is a particular direction the tree should be cut and the direction in which the tree will fall.
  •    The likelihood of the tree having any broken or dead branches. When cutting a tree with broken branches chances are that the broken branches are likely to hit the ground before the tree is completely cut, this may lead  to causalities on the site
  •    How far is the tree that you are planning to cut from other trees –  The process of cutting a tree that is close to other trees is more complicated. Reason being, if there are branches near, the tree, is likely to be held within the branches of other trees causing damage to those trees and at the same time posing a danger to the people in the vicinity.

The process of tree cutting is not as easy it sounds, by engaging the services of a tree service company, you are sure of having the entire process handled with a lot of caution and professionalism.