How to Safely Cut Down a Tree

There are several steps laid down by professions on how to cut down a tree; it is important to consider hiring the services of a professional who is well equipped with the right equipment for feeling down trees especially when planning to cut a tree that is mature.  To cut down a tree, you should be well equipped with the right equipment; this is a very first step of cutting a tree, this means that the equipment should be in good condition. For a mature tree, you will be required to have more than one tool.

  •    What the chainsaw is one of the most vital equipment used in cutting trees. The standard size of the chainsaw should be 20 inches, and a horsepower of 3.5which is the recommended size to cut down most trees
  •    The phone also needs a 1000 LB Test Rope that should measure the length of three trees of what you plan to cut down.

You will also be required to have protection when carrying out the process including:

  •    Safety glasses

When running the chainsaw in a tree, there may be flying debris. This debris might land into your eyes causing damage. The safety glasses will protect your eyes from the rubble.

  •    Leg protection

Protecting your feet in case of any eventuality is important. If the saw hits a knot while cutting the tree, the chances are that the saw can run your leg after kicking out of the tree. These leg protectors will ensure that your feet are safe.

  •    Special Hand gloves

While holding a chainsaw with your bare hands, one can be quickly swept in between the palms; this may cause the chainsaw to be very slippery. The hand gloves will ensure that you have a firm grip on the chainsaw and for long.

Once you are ready with the equipment and safety gear, the next thing is to assess the tree.

  •    You should always determine the length of the tree
  •    Ascertain the direction in which the tree should fall. This side should clear of debris and anything that could get damaged
  •    Using one end of the rope, ensure that you tie it slightly above the middle and the other end should be held by the people assisting you in cutting the tree which at this point should be standing out of the zone that the tree should be falling.
  •    On the side that the tree should be falling ensure to form a V-shaped notch at the height of your knee on the tree
  •    On the opposite of where the tree is to fall start cutting it with the aim of reaching the V-shaped notch on the opposite side. As you do this monitor the tree, the moment you realize that the tree is falling move away from the tree. Avoid standing behind the tree once it starts falling.

In case the tree does not fall and gets stuck in between the branches of other trees, your friends will assist you in pulling it down. Do not make a mistake of using a chainsaw at this point since the tree might snap and cause damage.